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Foodie Roadtrip

Lauya ng Paranaque

Lauya is a boiled pork knuckle dish that is anything but basic. People who are familiar with this delicacy from Parañaque swear by its sweet-savory Read More

Tipas Hopia

For many people who grew up in the greater Manila area, hopia was a childhood staple. These round flaky pastries with a sweet bean filling occupies a Read More

Digman Halo halo

Foodies all over the country can argue where the best halo halo can be found, but those who have gone to Digman in Bacoor, Cavite and tried the famous Read More

Samala Rice Cake

Made of glutinous rice, sugar, and coconut milk, the Samala Rice Cake is more than the sum of its parts. Both its malagkit and pinipig variants are Read More


Bibingkoy is a chewy, sweet, and unique delicacy that could only be found in Cavite City. It was invented by Aling Ika Alejo during the Japanese Read More

Tinapang Salinas

It is amazing to consider that this seemingly unassuming smoked fish is responsible for the improvement of a town’s economy. But that’s what Tinapang Read More

Longganisang Imus

Lean, garlicky, and extremely tasty, the Imus longganisa has steadily risen in the pantheon of famous longganisas in the Philippines such as the Vigan Read More

Kesong Puti

Kesong Puti, or “Quesilla” is un-aged cheese made from fresh carabao’s milk. Food writers who grew up in South Luzon wax nostalgic of childhood Read More

Oyster Mushrooms

The demand for oyster mushrooms these days are larger than the supply and farms located in Dasmariñas are working to remedy that. Farms such as Read More

Pansit Pusit

The closest description that one can make for the pansit pusit) is that it is the Cavite version of Spain’s paella negra or Italy’s pasta el nero. Read More

Espasol, Buko Pie, and Uraro

Sta. Rosa, Laguna has grown exponentially in the recent years. From being just a town on the way to Tagaytay, it has become a destination itself. Like Read More

Puto Biñan

Considered as the most popular among the puto varieties in the Philippines, Puto Biñan is an instant hit whenever it is given as a pasalubong or Read More